Lancelin Ropes


Know-how and a passion passed down over 4 generations. By buying in 1907 its artisan funds to a tailpiece, Joseph LANCELIN founded a company whose reputation will be perpetuated until a century later by his great-grand-son Nicolas.

Thus, since four generations, Corderie Henri Lancelin has evolved, develop and thrive with expertise and adaptability passed from father to son.

Located since 1939 in Ernee, she began with the production of hemp for the farmers in the region. After the Second World War, the modernization of agriculture led to the rope to develop another area of activity: fishing.

100 years of experience and research have allowed Corderie Henri Lancelin to achieve perfection in technology ropes and an ability to respond to any specific requests, whether technical or aesthetic.


The future’s strategy linked to past experience. The strength of the Corderie Henri Lancelin is in its perpetual technological research and rigor of manufacture. Building on our experience, we are always ready to meet the most demanding applications in all areas of our expertise. We are proud to solve each challenge that the market offers us, enabling us to move forward and continue to develop more technology products.

Because we believe that service is the foundation of a true partnership, our customers benefit from appropriate advice to all his questions. Since the expression of the need to finished and tested product, it is all the skills chain that is implemented with the customer to find the most appropriate solution.


Our company regularly launches new products.
All these innovations demonstrate our sensitivity to the creation of innovative and efficient products.

The quality depends on many different factors such as the choice of high quality raw materials, continued investment in high-performance machines, staff training, discipline and control during manufacturing. The satisfaction of our customers has allowed our company to gain a reputation and a clientele both nationally and internationally.
It is with this constant concern to improve the quality of its products and services to its customers, the Corderie Henri Lancelin is certified ISO 9001 : 2000.

To answer all your non-standard requests and adapt tests to your needs, our 25-meter test bench is capable of testing 100 tonnes. This bench can test the resistance of both raw materials and manufactured ropes and calculate their elongation.


strict quality control, ongoing research, advanced technology, strict manufacturing are the key values of our business for over 100 years.

Inventory Management

With machines running 24 hours / 24 and 7/7, most standard products are kept in stock.

The Human Scale

The major asset of Henri Lancelin Corderie, its human scale can meet in the shortest time with the most requests. Housed in a recent unit, modern and forward-looking, the company controls all stages of manufacture of the rope.

Our Ropes

Either braided or twisted, have been shown to effectively meet the specialized needs of the market. Our extensive experience, attention to the most innovative raw materials and the desire to develop new products, due to the Lancelin Corderie a privileged partner in the search for high technology.